Conservatories & Orangeries

Conservatories and orangeries are a beautiful addition to any home. They give you an extra room for entertaining guests in your home and also serve as a transitional space when seasons are changing as you can enjoy spring and Autumn evenings.

No matter your budget, you can add a conservatory or orangery to your home. You can attach small rooms to the exterior of your property so you can enjoy a more naturally lit environment, or you can opt for large extensions to significantly increase the available floor space of your house.

Differences between Conservatories and Orangeries

Many people can’t seem to decide whether a conservatory or orangery is the best option to extend their home. This indecision stems from the fact that many people are unsure how an orangery is different to a Conservatory. If you also don’t know the difference, we will tell you.

Orangeries and conservatories share a common history because they were initially used to protect plants. Their significant difference was that while orangeries were used to protect citrus trees from frosty weather, conservatories were built to protect shrubs and herb plants.

Today, there have been a lot of improvements in their construction and design. Conservatories are now added as an extension of a house, and they share similar design features with the rest of the house. Orangeries, on the other hand, are also an extension of a home but involve lots of brickwork, large windows and use of a glass roof.

Additionally, while conservatories feel like an additional room in the house, orangeries are typically spacious and are considered by some as a luxury because of the private spaces they provide.

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Key Benefits of Conservatories and Orangeries

The main reason we find our customers wish to add these extensions is the amount of living space they give you.

Orangeries and Conservatories increase the size of your home without the need for planning permission.  You can use the additional space for any of the following:

  • Lounge
  • Dining area
  • Office
  • Playroom
  • Home gym
  • Storage room etc

You can convert them into almost anything; the only limit is your imagination.

  • Allow more light in

Orangeries and Conservatories allow loads of natural light to flood your home. You can leverage the natural light to get some work done or entertain guests without having to use the harsh, unnatural lights of bulbs. Plus, you get to enjoy lots of Vitamin D from the exposure to all of that sunshine without leaving the comfort of your home.

  • Increase the value of your home

Conservatories and Orangeries are highly desirable features for potential buyers. A conservatory or orangery installation can add a modest 7% to the asking price of a home. Aside from letting light into the house, they really help to give the impression of a large home.

Why choose Alliance Building Company for your Conservatory and Orangery Project

At Alliance, we have the skill and experience to build Conservatories and Orangeries that fits your requirements. We are master builders who take delight in paying close attention to details. Contact us for your projects, and we will bring your ideas to life.

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