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Many people have always dreamt of having a slice of the countryside experience, and barn conversions present a marvellous opportunity to realise that dream. Barns were traditionally built in the 1800s to house storage tools, crops and livestock. While all barns are not historical (because some are new), one thing is obvious- they are not designed to provide human comfort and would, therefore, need conversion to make them habitable.

Barn conversions are becoming a common development in housing because of the benefits attached to them. For example, barn conversions can provide you with an ample living space that can accommodate everything you have. Additionally, they offer you a taste of the ultimate idyllic country life and are a great way to enjoy a blend of traditional and modern designs.

Things to Consider For a Successful Barn Conversion

If you want to convert a barn to a home, here are some steps to help you realise your dream.

  • Planning Permissions

Thankfully, planning permission is no longer required as the laws for barn conversions were relaxed in England in 2014. Converting a barn to a house is now considered to be Permitted Development which means you can go ahead with your barn conversion without seeking approval.

However, there are some conditions to this freedom. One of them is that your Permitted Development Rights don’t apply to listed buildings or Conservation Areas. Also, you may need to seek permission if you want to make alterations like raising the height of the roof, rebuilding works etc

  • Location of the area

Permitted development rights only apply to farm buildings in England. If you reside elsewhere in the UK, you will need to get planning permission before you can begin the conversion process. That doesn’t give a complete free pass as you can still be restricted if you want to make external changes.

  • Barn conversion designer

Many people tend to think they don’t need a barn conversion designer since the shell of the building is already in place. What they fail to realise is that barn conversion projects require more efforts to design than new homes.

Only a professional (e.g. an architect) can draw up a design that makes the most of existing structure even though it was never intended to be a habitation for humans. You want to get a design that creatively retains the barn’s original character while also making the most of the available space.

  • Barn Conversion company

It’s easy to get excited about undertaking a barn conversion project, but keeping in mind why you were attracted to it in the first place can help you decide which barn conversion expert to trust with your project.

Alliance Building Company is a Kent based professional building company that specialises in barn conversions and can skillfully use features like the old beams and stonework to deliver a quality, high saleable property. You can gauge our expertise by reading the reviews of their previous customers on Checkatrade.

  • Sorting Services and Utilities

Since barns were not initially built for human dwelling, your barn may not be hooked up to electricity, gas or mains water. You have two options for your barn; you could opt for heat pumps and renewable power, or you could get quotes for connection from utility providers.

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At Alliance, we specialise in converting unused barns to unique, luxury homes that are tasteful, attractive and full of style. Our team of experts carefully study each barn conversion project to understand the needs of our customers and then develop a home that meets all their specifications.

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